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Terminal 1

Terminal 1 Hong Kong
Terminal 1 11 - 50 EMPLOYEES
Terminal 1 EST. 2016

The Terminal 1 Way

A tech-enabled recruitment firm helping enterprises and engineers match by using automation to increase sourcing efficiencies and customized technical assessments to improve candidate quality. We bring entrepreneurs, and challenge-seekers together to create a future where everyone can find their dream job. With offices in HK, SG, and TW.

Our Culture

We Value Speed

Speed is a defining characteristic of almost every industry leading company you look at. We believe that speed can be trained into a habit and built into the company culture.

We Value Development

We invest in the growth of our team. This is not just for skills, but in how to think, build systems, and develop the right habits to become effective leaders in our organization.

We Value Systems

Effective systems help us move from linear growth to superlinear and exponential growth.

Why join us

Diverse and Mission-Driven Team for revamping tech recruitment
Fast Growth And Learning Opportunities
Chances to work with Incredibly Smart and Driven People
Multi-Cultural Environment and Open Communication

Interviewing at Terminal 1

Our interview philosophy

  • We look for people who align with our vision and mission and put these into actions
  • Candidates will go through 3-4 interviews in English within a short timeframe which include phone and on-site interviews with our team.
  • We promise to have a transparent communication with our candidates. We also expect them to understand our goal, strategy, product, and job qualifications in advance.
  • We use technical assessments to evaluate candidates' skills for specific roles. That' s also what our clients use for their engineer interviews.

Before Interviews

  • Please visit our websites below, and your interested job descriptions, especially the qualifications, and create your T1 profile in the first link before the call.
  • Website:
  • TW Career Site:
  • Our CEO presentation:

Our interview process

  1. Initial Call: Share what motivates you to apply for this job and how could we connect to your future career goal.
  2. Meet our Head of Product: We hope our team is excited about our product, service, and culture. Spencer has been with the company since the early days and shoot him any questions you have.
  3. Meet HR: Let's discuss your current compensation scheme and desired benefits. List out any questions which haven’t been addressed.
  4. Meet your hiring manager: Get to know the long-term and short-term plan, daily life of your department and your managers' leadership style.
  5. (Optional) Work Sample Assessment: Depending on role, candidates may go through a phone screen or do a take home work sample assessment designed by us (or both).

After all interviews

  • After all the interviews, We will review your candidate packet as a team, which includes your interview feedback, references, and assessment results. Our philosophy is to recruit the right people and we make sure we collect various perspectives from the team to hold true to this standard.


360 Senior+ Recruitment Consultant Taiwan, Hong Kong Senior Full-time
180 Recruitment Consultant (1-2 YoE) Taiwan, Hong Kong Mid-Level Full-time
Assessment Scientist Hong Kong Mid-Level Full-time
Recruitment Manager / Managing Consultant Taiwan, Hong Kong Senior Full-time
Assessment Engineer Taiwan Mid-Level Full-time
Head of Assessment Science Taiwan Principal Full-time
(Part-Time) Office Manager Assistant Taiwan Mid-Level Full-time
(Part-Time) Accounting Clerk Taiwan Mid-Level Full-time
180 Associate Recruitment Consultant (Fresh Grads) Taiwan, Hong Kong Junior Full-time
Technical Account Manager Taiwan, Hong Kong Senior Full-time
Business Development Consultant Taiwan Mid-Level Full-time
Assessment Grader, Part-Time Remote Mid-Level Full-time
Marketing / Data Analyst Taiwan Mid-Level Full-time