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Principal Recruitment Consultant

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We’re looking for 360 recruitment consultants who want a better platform and support from in-house software engineers to join us!

Terminal 1 is a full-service recruitment firm in Hong Kong bringing machine learning to recruitment. We’re a group of technologists who are working as 360 recruiters to help build tools that recruiters love to use.

We are expanding our office this year and would love to have experienced recruiters join us and help deliver the full recruitment cycle for our existing, warm desks (software engineering and product recruitment).

Apart from being a 360 recruiter at T1, you can have the opportunity to work alongside with our in-house software engineers who will help build valuable automated tools for you to make recruitment processes easier and more efficient.

With technologists work together with recruitment experts (that’s you!), we believe that we can build tools that recruiters love to use. Through this way of working, we hope to reach ever higher levels of automation and build truly valuable tools for recruiters.

Important: If this is too senior or not the right role for you, but you like what we’re doing, please get in touch with us. We can create roles for the right candidate.

About you:

  • Proven 360 contingent recruiter with reputable billings
  • Frustrated by current state of tools for external recruiters. Keen interest in technology, constant source of smart (and practical) ideas on tools that can help you place faster and at higher quality.
  • Lots of intellectual horsepower and happy to fill a variety of roles in a funded early stage startup. Your duties might range from placing candidates to writing product spec to creating an attractive commission scheme for junior recruiters.

About us:

We have been working on Terminal 1 for three years, and grown to 20 people team with full-time consultant product designers, data scientists, and software engineers. Engineering from SV / companies like LinkedIn and Yandex.

We all work on both product and contingent recruitment for clients. We are generally profitable/break-even every quarter. We have a rich client base that grows rapidly (~2-4 new clients per month like clockwork.) Some of them work exclusively with us. Imagine: instead of being frustrated at the state of tooling in your company, what if there was a group of talented technologists at your beck and call, working to help you succeed?

If you’re looking to be the most important person in your next company, please create a profile and contact us as soon as possible!

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Recruiter / HR
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