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Head of Talent / Lead Talent Strategy and Acquisition & Sr/Pr Recruitment Consultant

Taiwan Full-time


We are looking for a talent magnet with proven recruitment agency success to join us as Head of Talent / Lead Talent Strategy and Acquisition.

Talent magnets are energetic, intelligent optimists that inspire and attract others. They have a unique ability to spot talented people and get them excited about using their skills to succeed and win in new roles and environments.

A large portion of your role is attracting great talent for our team - 80% recruiters, 20% non-recruiters. Beyond sourcing, this involves getting candidates to understand our company strengths and competitive edge as well as getting them to envision themselves working with our fun and winning team. It also involves plenty of relationship building and keeping in touch with the best.

The other portion of your role is to improve the hiring experience - using the help of our technology, build a robust and streamlined interview experience that candidates will rave about.

This is a flexible role that can fit multiple backgrounds including senior HR recruiters and in-house recruiters with previous billing success. Additionally, there may be an opportunity to continue external recruitment through building an HR desk with the candidates we accumulate.

The role also can fit different seniority levels. A TA lead will be expected to own our hiring process and pipeline. A Head of Talent will additionally be expected to shape our company brand in the market and consistently make key hires.

Terminal 1 is a full-service recruitment firm in Hong Kong and Taiwan bringing automation and machine learning to recruitment. We started as a group of technologists working as 360 recruiters to help build tools that recruiters love to use. Today, you'll be joining a tight-knit team of recruiters and engineers. We're profitable, expanding quickly, and are making rapid progress on our technology.


1. Own hiring pipeline and hit hiring targets to match T1's growth
We are growing aggressively in the next few years, and we need someone to take charge of delivering this growth.

2. Improve our interview process and candidate experience through our technology
An interview process that candidates rave about great for us, but also reusable in our service delivery to clients. You'll be the primary touchpoint and build it out through the help of our tech.

3. Build our brand through strategic crafting of job descriptions, storytelling of company mission and culture, and more
There's a lot of unique things about T1 that needs good storytelling to deliver, including employee stock plans, company culture, strategic mission, and unique strategic roles, like this one.

4. Leveraging our candidates to other clients (if building HR desk)
It's possible to earn additional billings through building an HR desk, which has a lot of synergies with what you'll be doing and with the company's BD efforts.

Hard Requirements

  1. Proven 360 contingent recruiter with reputable billings
  2. Savvy, energetic storyteller with high touch EQ
  3. Outgoing, intelligent and fun relationship builder

Soft Requirements

  1. Lots of intellectual horsepower and happy to fill a variety of roles in a funded early stage startup.
Terminal 1 Badge & Skills
Recruiter / HR
Recruiter / HR
Level 3
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Management and Communications