Terminal 1

(Associate / Senior) Recruiter

TW Full-time


The Associate Recruiter, Recruiter, and Senior Recruiter roles are a cornerstone in our organization. We expect our recruiters to take ownership of their business goals, forge excellent partnerships with our multinational candidates all over the world and deliver high-quality candidate recruitment experiences through understanding clients’ needs.

Who are we looking for?

We will be looking for individuals with at least 6 months of experience at another recruitment firm who is already trained on the fundamentals.

  • 0 - 6 months / <6 placements: Associate Recruitment Consultant
  • 6 - 18 months / 6 - 18 placements: Recruitment Consultant
  • 18+ months / 12 - 24 placements per year / 1.1m+ HKD billings per year: Senior Recruitment Consultant

If you are senior recruiters and you would love to focus more on candidate side, we welcome you to apply for this position as well.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Compared to other recruitment firms, the draw for this role are the following:

  • An international and vibrant job position to accelerate your career
    • Contact candidates in various regions rather than being restricted to one country.
    • Modern structure similar to Silicon Valley firms where you report into an engineering manager.
    • See how technology is made and work right next to engineers to help you technically assess candidates.
    • Follow industrial best practices as well as contribute to and edit them.
  • A highly competitive compensation scheme
    • Possibility to work on roles in SG/HK/SF that pay 2-4x as much as TW roles and thus earn more commission and bonus payment.
  • Well-structured training and career progression
    • Get trained daily on technical understanding from an engineering manager and daily mentoring from senior recruiters.
    • Gain unlimited learning resources in our knowledge management database.
    • Be promoted to next level once you master the required recruiting skills and earn badges.
  • Flexible and autonomous working environment
    • Freedom to work on any part of the firm you find interesting as long as you hit your KPIs. For most recruiters, we suggest your discretionary time be focused on qualifying for your next promotion.

Must-Know before applying

The downside of this role, for certain people, may be:

  • Must deliver results continuously
    • Highly focused on KPIs: after ramping up, must hit 20 new candidate calls per week.
  • Candidate-focused recruiting first
    • Less focus on BD until mastering the sourcing function. For BD, in the beginning you will be focused on getting the first meeting for your engineering manager. After you become more experienced, you may help sell, sign, and manage clients.
    • For recruiters who have some percentage focused on BD, the candidate quota will be proportionately replaced with BD quotas (at 100%, quota is 50 new suspects every week, per the “Winning the Staffing Sales Game” book.)


  • Achieve promised service level agreement for clients by meeting with engineering managers to understand clients’ needs. For instance, make required numbers of candidate calls on a regular basis.
  • Build multinational applicant sources by researching and contacting multiple channels, providing organization information and opportunities, and maintaining rapport.
  • Determine applicant qualifications by interviewing applicants, reviewing assessment results, analyzing responses and verifying references.
  • Improve organization attractiveness by recommending new policies and practices; monitor job offers and compensation practices; and emphasize benefits and perks.
  • Accomplish organization initiatives by completing related results as needed.

Hard Requirements

  • High-achieving and responsible: This role will be very KPI driven and we would look for steady and responsible individuals who have a ‘can-do’ attitude over people who want to do re-invent the wheel every day.
  • Candidate-focused Has a genuine passion for building relationships. Passionate about the candidate experience. Doesn’t mind if not doing account management. Willing to grow career in our specified way.
  • Adaptive to change Able to work in a fast-paced environment and work with great deal of autonomy within a growing business
Required Terminal 1 Badge & Skills
Recruiter / HR
Skills Required by this badge: