Terminal 1

Technical Account Manager

HK, SG, TW, XR, US, AU, US Full-time


The Technical Account Manager (TAM) acts as the central hub of our business and is responsible for rallying their team around them to make client sales, improve service delivery, grow the organization, and execute on our strategic direction.

They are execution focused leaders who pursue objectives and are given the resources and support to do so.

This is a manager level role. TAMs with director experience will qualify as a Country Manager.


  1. High achieving: well accomplished with high accolades
  2. Technically credible: can hold technical conversations at the senior engineer level
  3. Startup enthusiast: at least one startup experience or demonstrated enthusiasm


  • Grow a desk and manage P&L according to our flywheel strategy and playbook.

Each TAM will have a playbook for growing their desk to US$ 1m per year with 4 - 6 recruiters in support over the course of 3 years.

  • Grow and close startup and small business (SSB) accounts in their geography.

TAMs spend 60% of their time growing SSB accounts in their geography. They receive support from recruiters and on-the-ground BD units.

  • Be the best people in our org at explaining our unique capabilities to clients.

They are the linchpin in our flywheel strategy, and should be thoroughly conversant in convincing clients to use our assessments and adhere to our client code of conduct. Their aim is to get at least 5-10 FastTrack clients in their desk as soon as possible.

  • Ensure sufficient supply and demand of their desk

Are there enough jobs from our clients? If not, lead business development efforts to pull jobs. If so, are we delivering enough candidates? If not, hold recruiters responsible for delivery KPIs.

  • Manage headcount and do technical training

Being the hiring manager for recruiters and assessment engineers, requesting and justifying headcounts, and training recruiters to learn more about specific technical functions.

  • Encode jobs correctly, gate keep submissions to their accounts, and brief other TAMs as they pull jobs.

TAMs should be excellent written communicators and code their jobs correctly so every submission will pass their gatekeeping. As they pull jobs, TAMs will also need to pass jobs outside their desk to other TAMs for their recruiters to work.

  • And other miscellaneous tasks, including the following:
    • Build strong communication channels with other TAMs
    • Support closing enterprise accounts
    • Ensure quality of client and candidate experience
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