Terminal 1

Senior Full Stack Engineer

TW Full-time


Terminal 1 is seeking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer to work with product and UI designers to build a user friendly modern webapp. This role is very important to us as they will be responsible for engineering efficient Web applications across our multiple product lines that are a pleasure for our users to work in.

We are a full service recruitment firm and also an HR Tech start-up in Hong Kong. Our mission is to bring machine learning to recruitment and build automated tools that recruiters love to use. Due to high demand, we’re expanding our internal engineering team this year. If you’re seeking for a high growth opportunity and have an entrepreneurial mind-set, you’ll love growing with us!


  • Expertise in HTML and CSS, including pre-processors and frameworks. (Sass, PostCSS, Bootstrap, etc)
  • Experience programming with Javascript and modern frameworks (Vue, React, Angular)
  • Strong attention to detail, prides themselves on delivering polished UIs
  • Proficient with build tools and navigating the NodeJS ecosystem (Webpack, gulp, npm, etc)
  • Knowledge of JS testing frameworks like Jasmine and JUnit
  • Great team player - can work on agile teams and communicate effectively with designers and other team members


  • Engineer an efficient architecture for frontend clients.
  • Implement UIs using clean and robust HTML, CSS, and Javascript on a modern tech stack (Vue.js).
  • Design responsive UIs that can scale from mobile phones to desktops.
  • Work with backend engineers to implement a robust client/server protocol.
  • Work with UI/UX designers to design great UX that are practical to implement.
  • Quickly iterate on product design and feature development.