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Rotational Strategy Manager

TW Full-time


We are seeking a Organized / Hard-Working / Finisher, Smart / Systems Builder with Exceptional Communication Skills to work with our CEO on critical problems. You will rotate through various departments each quarter, improving systems and solving important challenges. This could be very exciting for the right person!

The book ‘High Growth Handbook’ inspired us for this position, here’s what it says,

“The office of the CEO in a startup usually only has one person: the CEO. However, if you find that you are simply not completing the goals you set for yourself each week, or you do so but some or many of the tasks are energy-draining, then it is time to hire a Chief of Staff (COS). This is very smart, organized, machine-like (in the good sense of simply getting things done without considering how fun they are), non-technical person. They are at least 2 years out of college (so that they have learned the habits of corporate culture) and often have been trained at a top-tier consulting firm (McKinsey, BCG, etc) or investment bank (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, etc.).”

This person’s role is to literally sit next to the CEO and see what she sees. The COS will do this until he understands how the CEO operates, and then will slowly start to take tasks off of the CEO’s Next Action list. The COS continues to take tasks off of the CEO’s plate until the CEO is only doing those things for which she has a unique talent for and which she loves to do (her Zone of Genius). If the COS has or obtains management skills, then they can eventually transition into being COO.


  • Excited by your responsibilities and “department” changing every quarter as our critical needs change.
  • Very hard-working and a finisher. The CEO usually works quite hard and will expect you to keep up.
  • Exceptional English Skills. Great at making PPTs (diagrams, not only bullet points). Excellent marketing copy.
  • Can communicate very quickly; picks things up the first time. Can extrapolate meaning and infer the big picture. Easily learns new technology.
  • Enough common sense to easily do recruiting.
  • Very comfortable with ambiguity: will not wait for someone else to tell them what to do.
  • Ideally be able to skim books very quickly, e.g. 3 per week. The CEO typically teaches by providing a book list.
  • 1-2 years working experience ideally at top-tier consulting firm or bulge-bracket investment bank. May also accept Big 4 accounting firm, Top 10 law firm, or other position demonstrating high achievement orientation.

Example Responsibilities

  • Ensure investors are kept abreast of progress. Prepare materials for quarterly investor meeting.
  • Think through high-level strategic issues and draft company OKRs (mission and goals) with input from CEO
  • Do industry analysis for new product lines we may enter (e.g. Employment Verification, Recruitment Invoice Factoring, etc.)
  • Draft commercial legal agreements for new product lines.
  • Gather input, think through, implement, and communicate new commission schemes and product pricing.

Other Draws

  • You’ll learn an incredible amount about all aspects of running a company and become very valuable after even just a few quarters.
  • Manager-grade title after passing this training gauntlet and finding a place in the organization you enjoy the most.
Required Terminal 1 Badge & Skills
Admin / Operations
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