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Technical Account Manager / Director

Taiwan Full-time


The Technical Account Manager (TAM) acts as the central hub of our business and sets us apart from other recruitment firms.

The TAM is responsible for rallying their team around them to make client sales, improve service delivery, grow the organization, and execute on our strategic direction. This role is an execution focused leader who pursue objectives and are given the resources and support to do so.

Candidates should be able to technically consult at an executive level to CTOs and cofounders of startups to explain recruitment best practices, critique their job descriptions, and ensure their hiring plans align with their product roadmap.


  • Build a bridge between our clients' HR and engineering departments
    • Senior software engineering (or e.g. PM, UX, Analytics) skills able to credibly have strong architectural conversations at the CTO level and turn those conversations into strong JDs and hiring plans.
    • Able to interface with HR (and recruiters) to explain engineering hiring needs (JDs) and hiring plans.
  • Grow a desk in accordance to our flywheel strategy and playbook.
  • Grow startup and small business (SSB) accounts in their geography.
    • They receive support from recruiters and on-the-ground BD units.
    • Support closing larger / enterprise (PU) accounts in their geography.
  • Be the best people in our org at explaining our unique capabilities to clients.
    • They are the linchpin in our flywheel strategy, and should be thoroughly conversant in convincing clients to use our assessments and adhere to our client code of conduct.
  • Ensure sufficient supply and demand of their desk
    • Are there enough jobs from our clients? If not, lead business development efforts to pull jobs. If so, are we delivering enough candidates? If not, train recruiters responsible for delivery KPIs.
  • Manage and do technical training
    • Training the recruiters to learn more about specific technical functions.
  • TAMs should be excellent written communicators to build strong communication channels and ensure quality of client and candidate experience

Hard Requirements

Must-have these qualifications:

  1. Technically credible: can hold technical conversations at the engineering manager level
  2. Startup enthusiast: startup experience / demonstrated enthusiasm and strong network in startup community
  3. Communication skills: very strong communication skills (e.g. strong JDs and hiring plans)
  4. Management and leadership: excited about providing leadership and direction to recruiters

Soft Requirements

This is a Manager level position, and thus it is expected that successful individuals usually already have many years of experience. Some very talented individuals may come in with less experience.

It would be ideal if these individuals have 1-2 years of working as a software engineer before going into the business side of things. If no experience as a software engineer, they must have a CS degree and pass our architecture exam. They must be able to demonstrate technical credibility amongst startup CTOs and demonstrate interest at startups.

To sum up, the ideal candidate shall have solid technical knowledge and skill, business-focused mindset, high-achiever personality, exhibits excellent communication skills in English, and is capable of managing both internal and external stakeholders from different cultures / backgrounds.

Why to join

  • You will be the strategic key role in our organization
  • Able to take People Management responsibilities
  • Strong training for a general management position
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