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(Contract) Founder's Associate / Chief of Staff / Rotational Strategy Manager

Taiwan Full-time


We are seeking a Organized / Hard-Working / Finisher, Smart / Systems Builder with Exceptional Written English Skills (Clarity of Writing) to support the company’s founder. The person in this position will be sitting next to the CEO and act as his right hand.

You will rotate through various departments each quarter, improving systems and solving important challenges. This could be very exciting for the right person!

The book ‘High Growth Handbook’ inspired us for this position, here’s what it says,

"The office of the CEO in a startup usually only has one person: the CEO. However, if you find that you are simply not completing the goals you set for yourself each week, or you do so but some or many of the tasks are energy-draining, then it is time to hire a Chief of Staff (COS). This is very smart, organized, getting things done, non-technical person. They are at least 2 years out of college (so that they have learned the habits of corporate culture) and often have been trained at a top-tier consulting firm (McKinsey, BCG, etc) or investment bank (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, etc.)."

This person’s role is to literally sit next to the CEO and see what she sees. The COS will do this until he understands how the CEO operates, and then will slowly start to take tasks off of the CEO’s Next Action list. The COS continues to take tasks off of the CEO’s plate until the CEO is only doing those things for which she has a unique talent for and which she loves to do (her Zone of Genius). If the COS has or obtains management skills, then they can eventually transition into being COO.


Strategic Writing / Investor and Financing Strategy
  • Maintain and improve our investor pitch deck. Assist in fundraising.
  • Ensure investors are kept abreast of progress. Prepare materials for quarterly and annual investor meetings.
  • Think through high-level strategic issues and draft company mission and goals with input from CEO
Talent and Compensation Strategy
  • Read Great Game of Business (series of books) and help with the implementation of a company-wide incentive scheme.
  • Read Requisite Organization (series of books) and Scaling Up Compensation to help with design of compensation ladders, stratums, L&D, and progression design.
  • Gather input, think through, implement, and communicate new compensation schemes that align with T1's strategy.
Commercial and Product Strategy
  • Talk with clients to conduct market research on desired features and services to be able to price out and prioritize development roadmaps. Analyze our ideal pricing structure and positioning strategy.
  • Do industry analysis for new product lines we may enter (e.g. Employment Verification, Recruitment Invoice Factoring, etc.)
  • Draft commercial legal agreements for new product lines.
Systems Building and Financial Modeling

Do strong competitive research to understand the metrics we should be tracking. You should also be a strong systems builder that can help create systems around our important metrics:

  1. Help build and maintain our company-level financial models. These must be convincing to smart investors.
  2. Help department heads reason about which KPIs are most important for them to drive, and what targets they should aim for, based on competitive and customer research.
  3. Establish and explain causal links between department and team-level KPIs and company-level financials and valuation. Conduct sensitivity analyses to minimize the number of sub-variables that impact higher-level models.
  4. Drive critical path goals through metrics. (For example, right now getting our Talent Acquisition team right is our critical path action. Thus, you would create a set of daily KPIs to measure how successful we are, set success targets, participate in daily meetings, and help ensure those KPIs go up until we hit success.)
  5. You should be strong enough at speaking and influencing that you can temporarily join critical path teams and help them hit their metrics.
  6. Drive and improve quarterly close and review procedures including team OKRs, financial and accounting reports, and investor updates.
Example Task
  1. Research every monthly recurring revenue model that is prevalent in either the recruitment or HR tech space.
    • RPO
    • Staffing / Contract Work
    • PEO
    • TripleByte Premium
    • ATS / Career Sites (Vanna, Canopy, Lever, Greenhouse)
    • Assessment Services (Codility, HackerRank)
    • Embedded Talent Partner (Aclr8, Kandidate, Elements)
  2. Determine which ones are the best strategic fit for us based on how much effort we’d need to expend, the possible synergies with existing efforts, DCF analysis, and which advances our Flywheel strategy most.
  3. You should finally make a recommendation on what we should do (roadmap creation).

Hard Requirements

  1. Technical Finance Skills: You should be able to easily research and understand an industry by fluently reading company annual reports and financial statements; you should be able to construct strong top-down and bottom-up financial models for us.
  2. Strong People Skills: You should have strong enough people skills that you could be a junior in our BD team and win deals or help out in recruiting / talent acquisition. You should be presentable to investors. You should not be afraid of contacting and talking to many people.
  3. Systems Builder: You should be obsessed with creating and understanding systems before acting. That means looking at unstructured action and making it legible through constantly updated, important, and actionable KPIs.
  4. Writing Skills: Your drive to understand the world through systems should be complemented by strong writing skills so that you can explain your understanding to others. Writing is also a core part of influencing and selling and our CEO's style prioritizes writing over verbal communication.
  5. Tech-Savvy: You should easily and fluently pick up new technology tools like Airtable and Coda and be able to glue things together.

It is highly likely that you will have already spent 1-2+ years in a high-pace tech startup, top-tier consulting firm, or bulge-bracket investment bank, Big 4 accounting firm, or Top 10 law firm before applying to us.

Soft Requirements

  • Hard working, fast paced, and execution driven - must keep pace with CEO.
  • Very comfortable with ambiguity: will not wait for someone else to tell them what to do. Picks things up the first time, extrapolates meaning and infers the big picture, and easily learns new technology.
  • Excited by your responsibilities and "department" changing every quarter as our critical needs change.
  • Ideally be able to skim books very quickly, e.g. 1 per day. The CEO typically teaches by providing a book list.

Why choose this role?

This role is for someone who would like to be VP of operations or COO and wants the quickest way to get experience. You'll get exposure and access to both the strategic, management, and operational layers of the company, and to the day to day of the CEO.

A permanent, director-grade (Stratum C) position may be offered to the right person at the end of the contract period / after passing this training gauntlet.

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Admin / Operations
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