Terminal 1

Lead/Mgr+ Data Scientist

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Remote Full-time


We are a highly motivated group of engineers and recruiters, whose mission is to disrupt the traditional recruitment industry through the use of technology.

Data Science is one of our three pillars of disruption. We believe the data that we generate as recruiters can help us create competitive advantage in the market -- if we have the right talent to utilize it (read: you!)


As a Lead Data Scientist you will be responsible for analytics pipeline from data extraction and processing to model creation and result visualization. You would work on feature engineering, machine learning, and actionable insights generation.

Examples of predictions we believe reinforcement machine learning can help with:

  1. If I contact this candidate, how likely are they to respond / be ready to move jobs?
  2. We have a new scraped company. Is it a genuine lead that BD would like to contact?
  3. And of course, the holy grail: given this candidate and job description, how likely is the candidate to get a job?

Hard Requirements

  • Hands on experience with machine learning models using Python or R.
  • Good theoretical knowledge of algorithms, statistics and optimization methods.
  • Experience with one of the following tools: XGboost, Torch7, Tensorflow.
  • Data visualization skills: Tableau, ggplot, plotly, d3.js

Additional (optional) qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or Physics.
  • Kaggle Expert rank or above.
  • An awesome portfolio or track record in Github. We do not care about previous experience, as long as you can show us what you can do.
  • Good theoretical knowledge of algorithms, statistics and optimization methods.

Soft Requirements

  • You're a people person and team player, willingness to get your hands dirty with recruitment and help teach recruiters. Our motto is every engineer a recruiter.
  • A positive attitude and good cultural fit with our team.
  • Fluency in English - you’re going to be in an international and global team.
Terminal 1 Badge & Skills
Data Scientist
Data Scientist
Level 3
Skills Required for this Badge:
Machine Learning
Web Analytics
Statistics and Probability
Modern Scripting and Command Line
Business Metrics and Accounting
Dashboards and Visualization