Terminal 1

Marketing / Data Analyst

Taiwan Full-time


Terminal 1 Engineering is looking for someone charismatic with a strong business mindset, that is, would enjoy working with the recruitment team to figure out what is possible in terms of using data to maximize their productivity.

Engineering skills come second, but the ideal candidate should still be able to, for example, create a prototype recommendation engine on their own, before passing it to Engineering to integrate it to our systems.

This position reports to our Head of Engineering.


  • Passionate about creating delightful user experiences through the use of data.
  • Creative, excited to put on marketing/copywriting hat to write lifecycle marketing copy.
  • Able to measure recruiter productivity and increase it through the use of analytics.
  • Enjoy talking with people to understand current processes & jointly brainstorm on improvements.
  • Use engineering and data analytics skills to prototype real data-driven solutions, for example recommendation engines.


  1. You brainstorm with our recruitment team to come up with an idea of a new email to send quarterly to clients we're serving well as a recap of all the good work we did.
  2. You explore the data to decide what statistics, analysis, and recommendations to include in the email to make it engaging. You may even include news about T1 and new recruiters/desks we support.
    • You also decide on the cut-off for "clients we're serving well," as we likely need a different type of email and messaging for clients where we either can do better OR we're missing jobs for.
  3. You prototype the email with recruiters until they feel they'd be proud to send it.
  4. You work with or pass it to engineering to productionize.

You can imagine the above flow might work for all sorts of idea. Another example is coming up with a "Hot Jobs" email for certain candidates. Your imagination is the limit!

Hard Requirements

  • Able to query, explore, and visualize data stored in both relational and non-relational databases.
  • Strong at Excel / Google Sheets formulas.
  • Some programming experience using Python / Jupyter Notebook or Javascript to create data experience prototypes. (Our engineering team will take over productionizing your prototypes.)

Soft Requirements

  • Creative and curious, interested in marketing and user experience.
  • Charismatic and helpful; a team player that will get along well with our recruiters. 
  • Excellent written English, able to write reusable marketing copy.
  • Good business analytics knowledge. Possibly management consulting background and data-driven approach.
Terminal 1 Badge & Skills
Data / Business Analyst
Data / Business Analyst
Level 2
Skills Required for this Badge:
Business Metrics and Accounting
Statistics and Probability
Machine Learning
Dashboards and Visualization