Terminal 1

Head of Assessment Science

Taiwan Full-time


We are a highly motivated group of engineers and recruiters, whose mission is to disrupt the traditional recruitment industry through the use of technology. Our vision is to use machine learning to match candidates to their dream jobs, based on their passion, skills, and motivation.

Our first step to achieve this vision is to assess candidates' technical coding skills, award skill level badges accordingly, and then match candidates to job openings from our partner companies.

We are seeking someone to join our team as Head of Assessments. This individual should be passionate about creating a system that can objectively assess candidates during the hiring process for job-seekers.

The assessments are in two forms:

  1. take-home projects that take 2-3 hours to complete
  2. automated quizzes that take <35 minutes to complete

This is a unique role created due to our business need. If you are interested but not sure whether you would be a good fit, just apply!

We look forward to talking to you!

Additional Information

For information about our company culture / strategy, interview process, and application instructions, please see Our Career Site.

Note: This hiring post really demonstrates the mentality we're looking for.


In this role, you will have an opportunity to

  • Create engaging assessments for job-seekers with the help of our in-house engineers.
  • Build an AI-assisted candidate-screening process that will accurately assess a candidate's skills.
  • Build, maintain and experiment with a beta-testing community (10-50 ppl) to ensure our questions are correct, cover specific skills and are of an appropriate level of difficulty.
  • Improve the quality of our quizzes:
    • Ensure they confidently predict the level of skill of a candidate based on their grade.
    • Gamify traditional multiple choice quizzes. We like easter eggs, as do our candidates.
    • Ensure there is quality wording/phrasing of questions.
    • Understand which subject matter needs to be covered for a particular skillset.
  • Grade assessments and write up reports on your evaluation of candidates' technical ability.

Hard Requirements

  • Hiring experience: You have screened CVs of candidates, and interviewed software engineers before.
  • Strong CS fundamentals, with great depth in understanding of algorithms and data structures.
  • You must be able to create the technical architecture for an adaptive testing system that can determine the candidate's skills without a priori categorization from the candidate.
  • Exceptional English writing skills.

Soft Requirements

  • This role is responsible for the overall architecture of our assessment system, taxonomy, and how we describe candidates and jobs. It will also have people management responsibilities. If you are not yet at an executive level, please consider applying for our "Assessment Engineer" role instead.
Terminal 1 Badge & Skills
Engineering Manager / CTO
Engineering Manager / CTO
Level 4
Skills Required for this Badge:
Databases and Queues
Algorithmic Programming
API and Service Design
Management and Communications
Systems Programming and OS Design
Modern Scripting and Command Line