Terminal 1

Assessment Engineer

TW Full-time


We are a highly motivated group of engineers and recruiters, whose mission is to disrupt the traditional recruitment industry through the use of technology. Our vision is to use machine learning to match candidates to their dream jobs, based on their passion, skills, and motivation.

Our first step to achieve this vision is to assess candidates’ technical coding skills, award skill level badges accordingly, and then match candidates to job openings from our partner companies.

We are seeking to build out our team of Assessment Software Engineers. These individuals should be passionate about creating a system that can objectively assess candidates during the hiring process for job-seekers.

The assessments are in two forms:

  1. take-home projects that take 2-3 hours to complete
  2. automated quizzes that take <35 minutes to complete


As an Assessment Engineer, your main responsibilities are, in order of importance:

  • Develop technical assessments that are:
    • fun for candidates to do;
    • easy to grade consistently; and
    • able to accurately judge the candidate’s level of technical skills.
  • Write up assessment reports on candidates’ technical assessment submissions.
  • From time to time, help with the development of our own platform.

Hard Requirements

  • You must have a firm grasp of computer science fundamentals – data structures and algorithms.
  • You should be skilled in JavaScript plus at least another programming language.
  • You should know how to use Git.

Soft Requirements

  • Having a good taste in coding styles and software architectures is essential.
  • You should have experience working on coding challenges and competitive programming such as HackerRank, Google Code Jam, Kaggle. If you actually enjoy them – great!
  • You must have great attention to detail and take great pride in your work – you should detest code that have misaligned indents!
  • You should be a team player yet be able to work independently.
  • You must be curious and always looking to learn new technologies.
  • You should have excellent written English – you will be writing reports for candidates and clients.
  • You must be fluent in English in general – we are an international team.
Required Terminal 1 Badge & Skills
Polyglot Developer
Polyglot Developer
Level 2
Skills Required by this badge:
Systems Programming and OS Design
Modern Scripting and Command Line
Object Oriented Programming
Functional Programming and Compilers
Algorithmic Programming
API and Service Design
Databases and Queues