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Assessment Engineer

TW about 2 months ago Full-time



Hard Requirements

  • You must have a firm grasp of computer science fundamentals -- data structures and algorithms.
  • You should be skilled in JavaScript plus at least another programming language.
  • You should know how to use Git.

Soft Requirements

  • Having a good taste in coding styles and software architectures is essential.
  • You should have experience working on coding challenges and competitive programming such as HackerRank, Google Code Jam, Kaggle. If you actually enjoy them -- great!
  • You must have great attention to detail and take great pride in your work -- you should detest code that have misaligned indents!
  • You should be a team player yet be able to work independently.
  • You must be curious and always looking to learn new technologies.
  • You should have excellent written English -- you will be writing reports for candidates and clients.
  • You must be fluent in English in general -- we are an international team.