Terminal 1

Head/Lead/Manager+ Full-Stack Software Engineer

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Remote Full-time


We are a highly motivated group of engineers and recruiters, whose mission is to disrupt the traditional recruitment industry through the use of technology.

Over the last 5 years, we've built a tremendous array of products for our internal recruiters to use. If you love getting feedback from users sitting right next to you, you'll love working at T1!

Example products we'll need your help building and maintaining:

Back-End APINodeJSPowers our entire backend. Includes features such as caching and field return specification.
T1 Profiles, Client Dashboard, Company Editor, SunriseVueJSOur own homebrewed ATS, made from scratch for greater control of the recruiter, client, and candidate experience. This control also accommodates our automation and machine learning needs.
Automation CenterNodeJSHugely powerful, allows any user to create automated emails and tasks based on trigger conditions. These automations can alter our database, clean up data, and plug into ML models.
Data Warehouse (DWH)GSheets Addon (JS) / GSheet FormulasWe're proud of our DWH as it allows any person who knows Google Sheets/Slides to access all our data and have their Sheets and Dashboards update automatically.
News & Job ScraperPython, ScrapyDelivers a fresh set of targets to our BD every morning, saving them hours of time every day. Notifies our recruiters as soon as a client posts a new JD so they can be the first to reach out.
LinkedIn ExtensionChrome ExtensionWhile browsing LinkedIn, recruiters can take notes, rate, tag, and add candidates to our database.
Gmail AddonGMail Addon (JS)Allows recruiters to submit candidates to clients without leaving GMail.


You will be expected to require little hand-holding while picking up development across any of our products. You should be at a Lead level where you may be ready to mentor other engineers we hire onto the team.

That means strong experience across all 3 of Frontend, Backend, and DevOps.

Hard Requirements

On the back-end side, a very strong understanding of NodeJS is mandatory.

  • Ability to pick-up new languages like Python (e.g. maintain scraper) is also a hallmark of a strong developer.
  • Proficient with build tools and navigating the NodeJS ecosystem (Webpack, gulp, npm, etc)
  • Knowledge of JS testing frameworks like Jasmine and JUnit

We expect experience with DevOps, code-as-configuration, and continuous integration as a minimum.

On the front-end side:

  • Engineer an efficient architecture for frontend clients.
  • Implement UIs using clean and robust HTML, CSS, and Javascript on a modern tech stack (Vue.js).
  • Design responsive UIs that can scale from mobile phones to desktops.
  • Quickly iterate on product design and feature development.

Soft Requirements

  • You're a people person and team player, willingness to get your hands dirty with recruitment and help teach recruiters. Our motto is every engineer a recruiter.
  • A positive attitude and good cultural fit with our team.
  • Fluency in English - you’re going to be in an international and global team.
Terminal 1 Badge & Skills
Web Full-Stack Developer
Web Full-Stack Developer
Level 3
Skills Required for this Badge:
Web Frontend
Databases and Queues
API and Service Design
UX Design and Prototyping
Testing, CI/CD, and Site Reliability
Algorithmic Programming