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Recruitment Manager / Lead Recruiter / Managing Consultant

Hong Kong, Taiwan Full-time


We're looking for a Recruitment Manager / Managing Consultant / Lead Recruiter with previous experience with recruiter training and management and a huge battery of intelligence and gets-things-done to bring to bear.

We build our own technology in-house and our goal is to build tools that recruiters love to use. You should be excited about technology in the recruitment space, envision the future, and help enable this vision by collaborating directly with our engineers.

A large portion of your role will be recruiter hiring, training, and management. Recruiters will report into you and you'll be held accountable for their success. You're comfortable training via formal lessons or informal coaching. We're scaling rapidly, so you should have the capability to manage 5-15 people in the next year.

You'll be joining a tight-knit team of recruiters and engineers. We're profitable, expanding quickly, and are making rapid progress on our technology.

All Recruitment Roles

This role is part of a larger family of roles in recruitment. We encourage you to apply to the one that most closely matches your interests:

Job TitleFunction and Experience
Associate Recruitment ConsultantFresh graduates looking to begin their career as a headhunter.
Recruitment ConsultantJunior 180 (candidate side-only) headhunters with 1-2 years experience.
Senior / Principal ConsultantSenior 360 headhunter with HKD1m+ billings, specializing as an individual contributor.
Managing Consultant / Recruitment LeadSenior 360 headhunter w/ HKD1m+ billings, looking to manage a team.
Recruitment DirectorAn experienced recruitment leader.
BD Consultant1+ years of experience as a headhunter, wanting to specialize in BD.
Head of Talent / Lead Talent AcquisitionSenior headhunter looking to move in house in a strategic, innovative TA role (see job description for more)


1. Maintain hiring bar and candidate pool for recruiters

Constantly have at least 3-5 candidates in our hiring pool with 1 ready to be hired.

2. Meet daily to answer questions, coach, and review KPIs

This role is responsible for providing day-to-day (twice a day) coaching and front-line question answering on recruitment fundamentals and how our organization works. During this daily meeting, they will also review KPIs, ensure expectations of performance are shared, and ensure any blockers or support requests are addressed.

3. Provide long-term coaching and career management for recruiters

The Recruitment Manager is also tasked with helping each individual recruiter see their forward career trajectory in the company and how they can continue to grow their role. They are also responsible for identifying required trainings and upleveling their team on recruitment skills.

4. Initiate disciplinary actions

We will have set KPIs for recruiters to reach in their first 1/2/3/4 weeks and onwards. There shall also be a set process for when warnings shall be sent out and when recruiters should be terminated.

5. Maintain and grow the Recruiter Handbook

The Recruiter Handbook should have all the information for how to succeed as a recruiter. It should contain everything from job description, compensation structure, to the T1 way to do recruitment (e.g. how we pitch candidates on jobs), how they should act in their relationships within the firm (e.g. what they should expect from their TAMs), to frequently asked questions, etc.

Hard Requirements

  1. Team leader with proven experience in attracting, hiring, and retaining excellent talent.
  2. Experience at recruitment firms with training and KPIs. Have experience managing recruiters and can manage KPIs systemically while inspiring performance.
  3. Previous experience as 360 contingent recruiter with reputable billings.

Soft Requirements

  • Excellent communication skills with fluency in English required; prefer to work in a tech startup / international working environment
  • Frustrated by current state of tools for external recruiters. Keen interest in technology, constant source of smart (and practical) ideas on tools that can help you place faster and at higher quality.
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Recruiter / HR
Recruiter / HR
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